Professional Services

We make IT work through our expertise, knowledge & vendor independence to enhance the way you do business – delivering IT solutions that boost your company’s growth.

From consultancy to technology implementation to delivery, management & governance, our professional services give you access to practical & impartial advice about the latest technologies & proven practices along the entire IT lifecycle.

Our professional services help you plan, define & deliver winning solutions aligned with your strategic goals.


Protect your business’s IT assets. Secure your data on the move and in the office. From Anti-Virus to Cyber Intelligence Services

Many organizations see security as a cost, a blocker, a necessary overhead or evil – this is not the approach we take. We understand that security needs to support business operation – not be seen as preventative – to discourage users from circumventing systems and increasing business risk. Given the accelerated growth of networks and business, having the time to stop and assess risk is rare, though this is a requirement in order to plug the gaps.

Network Alliance helps its customers by using industry leading assessment tools, the output of which aids your business case for change


A truly agile network can only be achieved when a business has got the fundamental modern building blocks in place. Everything is agile, or at least it needs to be. Workers are demanding more and more high bandwidth applications, customers expect responses to their enquiries and other interactions almost immediately and new software and services come down the proverbial pipe at an ever-increasing speed.